The Top Reasons Why People Love Travel

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Two levels of answers can be given to the question Why do people travel? This is the most obvious answer and the one we tell ourselves and others. We travel to see sights, visit other cultures, attend events, and learn about the world. These are all exciting reasons. There are deeper reasons to travel that have less to do what we do while traveling and more to do what traveling does for us. These five changes are what make travel so exciting.

Travel makes you more vibrant and interesting

You have something to look forward too something to plan for something to study for and then to share. Stories will be brought home. It is easy to become bored with life, especially after your retirement and the end of your working life. Anticipation can be just as important as the trip and the memories that come with it. It is so much more fun to share travel stories and observations than to limit your conversation to recent doctor visits or your frustrations with your lawn.

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Travel Re-Energizes You

Your enthusiasm is rekindled by travel and the anticipation of traveling. Instead of feeling dulled by repetition and routine, you look forward with excitement. You must be at your best and most focused when you travel. Comfort zones can be very comfortable. It is important to get out of your comfort zone as often as possible. Disuse can cause your social skills to deteriorate and may lead to a decrease in your ability to solve problems and think on your feet.

Travel improves your health and well-being

You have a reason for being healthy when you travel. It keeps you sharper longer! Travel challenges test your mental ability on a daily basis. It can be difficult to travel, especially if you are not being led around the nose by a group. It is obvious that you will need to be alert to all situations. Walking up and down hills, stairs and everywhere in between is a must. You will generally be healthier by the time that you return from a vacation than you were for many months or even years. If you start anticipating another trip, you will be more motivated to continue these improvements and be prepared for the next one.

Changes and benefits

These benefits and changes that travel brings can be permanent. You will find that your life is filled with more enrichment and you will be able to think more broadly. Travel will help you make conscious lifestyle changes. As you get re-energized, your energy will increase and you will be more energetic. You will also experience improved health and well-being.