Love Me In The Dark –  Love Me In The Dark (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something both primal and angelic about the a cappella introduction to Old Soul, which takes us gently by the hand and leads us into this exquisite album. If music is about emotive communication then Steve McCormick and Heather Donavon, the people behind Love Me In The Dark, are some of the most effective... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Kiwi Jr. release “Gimme More”

Previous to today’s video Kiwi Jr have shared the album’s title track and “Salary Man.” Football Money will be released world-wide via Persona Non Grata Records (following debut EP by Pip Blom). The album had a Canadian release this past March on Mint Records. The album was engineered by Aaron Goldstein, and mixed by Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh. The band have... Continue Reading →

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