Business in the Front, Party in the Back – Zoo Harmonics (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

10264299_512940428834136_3915992718798314287_nThe blurb that accompanies Zoo Harmonics debut album states that they “came to destroy the neo-punk scene, not to praise it” …all very Shakespearean! I’m not sure about destroying the genre but they have certainly done their bit to move the cause on by keeping it fresh, fun and frantic. Game changing music genres in general, punk and grunge in particular need to move with the times becasue any musical movement that preaches revolution looks pretty stupid when it smashes down the barricades of convention and then stands around preaching the same worn out doctrine. It’s why we get so frustrated that there are still so many bands going through the motions and sounding like Blink 182’s worst gig, Nirvana B-sides, or worse…GBH. Thankfully Zoo Harmonics prove that there is still some scope to push the boundaries even within the tight conventions of punk.


Whilst referencing seminal punk such as Lagwagon and No Use For A Name, the band have also injected new fire into the broad alt-punk genre, through a reputation for wild live shows, incendiary songs and a consummate debut album. Think of these guys as Blink 182 rising above the frat boy humour, All American Rejects on speed but without losing the accessibility; the soundtrack to the best party every thrown and the scene of the crime of the worst hangover. If you thought punk has had its day, Zoo Harmonics are just the musical shot in the arm that you have been waiting for.


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