Solar Collector – The Myrrors (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a0111852443_10“It is audaciously psychedelic and sonically estranged. It is hypnotic almost to the point of being repetitive, but only almost! It somehow manages to take the cold robotics of Krautrock (think Neu! or Can in their less jazz fuelled wig-outs) and re-invents them through a warm drug filled haze liberally drawing in swampy blues, acid-rock, cosmic jamming, garage experimentation and the music of choirs of angels strung out on Peyote.”

Read the full article at The Sense of Doubt site HERE


About Dave Franklin

Musician, scribbler, historian, gnostic, seeker of enlightenment, asker of the wrong questions, delver into the lost archives, fugitive from the law of averages, blogger, quantum spanner, left footed traveller, music journalist, zenarchist, freelance writer, reviewer and gemini. People have woken up to worse.
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