Landing Light – Leader (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

11401340_467579010072254_5786914335084864004_nIn some quarters pop is a dirty word. It is seen as being all about style over substance, the moves over the music, the surface glamour rather than the ingrained groove. Leader seem to have found a way for the genre to redeem itself. Rather than push it further down the cat-walking, showbiz path of isolation and shallowness, they reconnect it with its rock roots. Here rock provides a stable foundation and the drive of the songs whilst the pop sensibility and accessibility provides the selling point.

If rock music appears to see it’s future as one of  pushing into ever more extreme pastures and pop music is just a shadow of its former self, such a genre clash breathes new life into both. Over just four songs they deliver everything you want from such a record, it will induce you to dance, air drum, sing along and raise a smile. And if they can do that to you on a studio recording, imagine what they are going to do to you when you see them live!


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