Lips – Plastique (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

PR_photoAbout 6 months ago Plastique’s electro-noise, darkwave groove and razor wire guitars ripped through Dancing Towers with the appropriately titled Quake and the place has never been the same since. So how do you follow up a single that caused such a shift in perceptions, so much destruction of generic boundaries, so much devastation? You just do the same again, only bigger, that’s how. This time around the pulsing electronic heart beat is joined by industrial strength pneumatic guitar lines, the intensity is dialled up to breaking point and Anelise Kunz  vocal performance runs from dark and brooding to demented and frankly quite worrying.

At Quake’s release they were cited as “the band Garbage wanted to be” and whilst that may have been slightly wishful thing then, it is certainly true now. It is hard rock meets an insane club scene, pop music fashioned from angle grinders and earth moving machinery, the death of rock, the saviour of dance or maybe the other way around. Time will tell.


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