Popular Demain – Alarmist (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

12043130_1027418707289859_3070209515791502722_nWhere to begin, where to begin! Trying to describe Alarmists instrumental creations is a bit like trying to untangle a ball of string. Maybe if I find a loose end and work my way in from there I may be able to put it into words that everyone can understand. A loose end that allows me to unravel and understand their math rock complexities, their unconventional jazz leaning, approach to structure, the fact that you don’t even notice that it is a totally instrumental delivery, such is the amount of twisting musical information that your brain is trying to assimilate.

Alt-rock urges tangles around shimmering synth-pop playfulness, classical and jazz disciplines can be viewed between the electronica and windswept atmospheres drift through the more heavily structured musical landscapes. And then you realise that the ball of string is perfect as it is. Unravel it and you may gain understanding, leave it as it is and you get unfathomable beauty, unique mystery and great art. Not everything has to be explained or even understood, sometimes it is enough just to experience.


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