New Music of The Day: LXXXIV – When You Asked Her To Stay – Luckless

q6Kz3q9fptJN6WST3TEnHgtZszldxkoS_nv7jh2oHWMOkay, so I’m a bit late coming to this artist but better late than never right? Having caught the tail end of Ivy Rossiter aka Luckless’ set in the most unlikely of places, a small back street boozer on a cold Wednesday night in a West Country railway town, it was enough to make me explore her back catalogue and what a treat it is. Ranging from low key anti-folk to blistering PJ Harvey alt-rock, guitar slinging and from melancholic introspection to outbursts of joy and positivity, she seems to have all bases covered. The music is raw enough to appeal to the old school and compositionally slick and fresh enough to fit right in with modern musical fashions. This song in particular is the perfect example of the range covered, being both retrospective in its post-punk channellings and so unknowingly cool that it will appeal to the battalions of skinny jean and complicated hair fashionistas.


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