New Music of The Day: LXXXVIII – More to Life – Jack The Envious

13902_668224699940361_1103929578905245205_nFirst new music video recommendation of the year and I thought that we should kick in with something brash, boisterous, riotous and raucous, you know, really kick some arse and cut the mustard, clear away the cobwebs and other cliches and alliterations. Jack The Envious are an alt rock/post hardcore band from Israel who combine  aggression and dexterous riffing with driven back beats and a slightly desolate, world weary feeling.

This is the first single from their forthcoming album Pull You Down and will go a long way to ingratiate them to the contemporary rock and metal crowd.

Showing just how over the whole music tribalism and genre-wars we are, I should also draw your attention to their excellent cover of Gorillaz Feel Good Inc, it’s enough to give Damon Albarn a bit of a fright…and that has to be a good thing , right?



About Dave Franklin

Musician, scribbler, historian, gnostic, seeker of enlightenment, asker of the wrong questions, delver into the lost archives, fugitive from the law of averages, blogger, quantum spanner, left footed traveller, music journalist, zenarchist, freelance writer, reviewer and gemini. People have woken up to worse.
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2 Responses to New Music of The Day: LXXXVIII – More to Life – Jack The Envious

  1. Ran Y says:

    Love the song! and the cover! Good luck guys 🙂

  2. ranyeru says:

    Love the song! Love the cover! Good luck you guys 🙂

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