Grandfeathered – Pinkshinyultrablast (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a1472441147_10Whilst the whole shoegaze/dream pop revival is building up major momentum here in the UK, with bands such as Ride and Lush making a comeback to the live circuit, Everything Else Matters, the debut album by the excellently named Pinkshinyultrablast was seen as something of a novelty. Why? Well location mainly. The idea of a Russian band getting to grips with the whole shoegaze phenomena was seen as a none starter, the home crowd didn’t really understand it and the wider community had little faith in a band who came from a country previously untouched by the genre.

But the album broke down the barriers and critical acclaim followed and though their music flew in the face of homegrown tastes they were not only accepted by showgaze fans but also lauded.


Now the Saint Petersburg quintet has released its follow up, Grandfeathered a sumptuous piece of textured atmospheres, soft, claustrophobic walls of sound, chiming lyrics and sideways structures. If a reference were needed it would fall somewhere between and early Lush and fits comfortably alongside any My Bloody Valentine album, though often with more urgency and beat.


Pinkshinyultrasound have arrived at the perfect time and will easily catch the wave of interest which is currently being bestowed on the Scene That Celebrates Itself Once More and proving that geographical location and chronological detachment are no obstacle when your music is this good, this invigorating, this original.


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