New Music of the Day – CXIV : Heaven, Hold Me Down Here – Diagonal People

13346237_673764472764656_6613352410234499418_oIt may seem as if I am writing about a new Diagonal People song every week. I generally am, their rate of output is pretty impressive to say the least. And the fact that they come packaged as wonderfully weird DIY videos shows that whilst some bands are happy to produce slick, high production but ultimately vacuous and generic videos, this bunch of art-pop weirdoes are content to rove the streets filming their own antics and creative expressions. That’s right, they are wandering the streets…lock up your dressing up box and face glitter.


Musically it jumps off of the back of an 80’s Cure song but nothing is that straight forward in their world and so everything goes through the blender along with swelling Hammond organs, chiming glocks, skittering drum beats and a swirling morass of guitar and synth sounds.

As for what is going on in the video itself? I don’t know. I just don’t know.




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