Phasers to Stun – This Heel and Mikie Daugherty (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a3733939836_16There is something wonderfully unhinged about  Phasers to Stun, a cover originally by cult Scottish indie heroes Urusei Yatsuraan, an indie-noise attack which mixes maverick outsider pop, art school unconventionality and the “anything is possible” attitude of the post punk point of embarkation. It is joyous and raw, jarring and staccato in delivery, mad and infectious.

The B side, not that we have such things these days, is a much more warped, psychedelic, musical meander that wouldn’t seem out of place on a collection of Syd Barrett’s lunatic songs.

This Heel is, apparently, Martin Månsson Sjöstrand and his imaginary friends and I for one believe him. I had an imaginary friend once. …but he left me.



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