Be Still, My Soul – Neonomora (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

bsms_singlecover-1024x1024When the dark musical strands that came to be termed goth first coalesced in the post-punk melting pot, the bands pushing that genre always seemed to have more to do with dance and pop music than the rock and punk that had kicked down the barricades and ignited the various musical revolutions of the 80’s. It is only natural then that even after all this time, those same atramentous elements can still be found in the most unexpected of places.

It is surprising how many references are evoked from such a minimalist delivery and the song writing itself does share some common ground with any number of pop and R&B acts albeit given a slower, more atmospheric spin. However, it is the more eclectic choices that really make this track stand apart from the competition. It is the clash of classical grace and gothic etherealness that really jumps out at you, the oft cited less is more qualities, the pauses between, the notes, the unresolved tensions in the music and the inherent melancholy.

Comparisons to a similar black lace shrouded torch singer, Zola Jesus, are easily drawn but where as she surrounds herself with cold and inhospitable musical layers, Neonomora revels more in a classic elegance and classical eloquence. The overall effect is one of richly textured chic and that will sit much more easily with the wider commercial market she is destined for.


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