Scope Explosion – One Sentence. Supervisor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

14708053_1135566346512305_4301296727555866818_oThis gang of Swiss cosmic adventurers fit so much into just this one song, it is difficult to know where to begin. I guess the rhythm is as good a place as any and the lilting and luscious eastern vibes certainly makes a welcome change to the usual straight out, four to the floor beats associated with music from this hemisphere. Throw in a dash of hazy psychedelia , west coast pop and a hypnotic vibe and you soon realise that they wander along very unique musical paths.

And I use the term cosmic adventurers to good affect here, for not only do they seem to underscore the spacey nature of a gentle acid trip they also capture a sci-fi vibe which feels like a theme tune to their wanderings around the galaxy, imagined (probably) or otherwise (you never know!)


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