New Music of the Day – CLXXII: Comes A Moment – Jonathan Cavier

16299354_1901240536821108_4052695749275389368_nOne of the things I find myself on a bit of a mission to defend these days is that most mercurial of beasts…pop music! Okay, let me qualify that. The term pop has too long been sullied by production line, throwaway, fashionista dross, but there is another way of doing pop, a way of taking all its trademark melody and immediacy but making it slicker, having it say something, giving it more integrity. That is the sort of pop music that am happy to defend and that is why I’m more than happy to stand in Jonathan Cavier’s corner.

Blending elements of acoustic country, folky deftness and the inherent infectiousness of pop, Comes A Moment is also an exercise in not over playing the hand. Clean-limbed musical lines, subtly shifting dynamic and a few, minor musical embellishments, which are more than happy to remain unobtrusive, less-is-more details, are all used to construct a song with broad appeal. The popster will warm to its melody, the country fan its boot-strapping beat, the folkie will appreciate its chiming acoustic soul and everyone will love the heart-warming sentiment.

Not all pop music needs a dance routine or a guest rapper to sell itself; some is just content to be good at its job.


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