New Music of the Day CLXXX: Waterfall of Tears – Ginger and The Glowsticks

1452546542_ginger_4_small_rgbIt would be very easy to write songs that cover the subject mater of Waterfall of Tears and make them somehow overly melancholic or maudlin even. Success lies in the balance of not allowing the subject matter to be overtaken by the feelings attached to it, it is about tugging heartstrings rather than breaking open that dam and releasing an unstoppable cascade of emotions. Ginger and The Glowsticks are deft enough to walk such a line and the result is devotional and reflective rather than bleak and foreboding.


It is a song built of simple cascades of strings and gentle orchestral washes, all of which adds to the poignancy, allowing the words to do the important work of getting the message across. And whilst lyrically it is a song about loss and longing, it is treated in such a way that it carries an air of reflective optimism, which in lesser hands could easily have turn a much darker corner.

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