An Instrument of His Love – Rev. Peter Unger (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

1451504004_peter2I have probably said it before when talking about Peter’s music; such openly devotional messages are not always my thing. That’s the wonderful and odd facet of music really, it normally comes from a very specific and personal place, is broadcast into the world via mass media but lands again on the listener in a very one on one and specific way. But take a step back and focus less on the lyrics and more on the sentiment and what you have is a finely wrought love song and everyone has room for one of those in their life. Right?

Once you get beyond its very personal message, you find yourself in the realms of the timeless, stripped back, acoustic troubadour, swap the church hall for the coffee shop, the congregation for music punters and you could almost be in the hands of the likes of James Taylor. Light, deft and dexterous playing, crisp and confident delivery, well defined and poetic message…all boxes ticked really.



  1. […] Rev. Peter Unger makes music which crosses a lot of borders, metaphorically speaking. Musically it sits in a wonderful singer-songwriter vibe, honest and clean-limbed sounding as if it could have been written any time between the mid sixties and the present day. But it is music which is about more than mere coffee shop troubadour antics or acoustic balladry, though it ticks those boxes with ease. As you may expect from Peter’s titular prefix he has something to say bigger than mere tunesmithing, and You’re Not Alone feels like a parable, a series of scenarios regarding the lost and lonely looking for help and friendship. […]

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