Heavy – Dust of Days (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a0411847425_16Rock music is a genre that is easy to get wrong. Incompetent hands can make it either overtly bombastic and self-aggrandising or clichéd and frivolous. Dust of Days thankfully drive the perfect path between such extremes and deliver a song which has a heart of flint yet remains wonderfully melodic, which is built of solid stuff but gets its weight from layering up sonic textures rather than just cranking up the volume.


Heavy is a short, sharp shock to the system; delivering its punch in the time it takes many fellow alt-rock bands to get their fringe looking just right. It plays with dark imagery but never revels in despair, happier to use emotive words to draw vague lyrical scenarios then let the listener draw the conclusions. Big sounds, big ideas and destined to be a big deal. Why can’t all rock bands get the job done this effectively?


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