Playground – Rick Tibbe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

19148978_1235567596553928_5013852739640565032_n-1If EDM has a sonic range that wanders between high-octane, adrenaline soaked, incendiary beats and chilled, after hours come downs, Rick Tibbe walks a path between the two. But this isn’t compromise, actually the total opposite, the perfect merger of the infectiousness of the former and the lazy grove of the latter. The best of both worlds.

For whilst Playground contains the required groove and pace of a midnight dance floor or a mid set festival track, it also is sassy and sultry enough for the more laid back dance experience. It is built on trippy beats and airy electronica but allows enough space between that the music never becomes claustrophobic or cluttered.

Not everything has to be the fastest, the most intricate, the most driven; we have matured enough to get beyond that. What Rick Tibbe offers instead is solid and sexy, and when has that not been more than enough for a good night out.

More information about Rick Tibbe HERE


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