Take It Easy – Sunset Service (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

20545558_208172469713839_2470972876089148635_o 2None other than George Bernard Shaw noted that Britain and America were two countries separated by a common language and to a degree the same can be said for the musical divide. It is what makes the term British-Americana such a tricky one. With the best will in the world British bands never quite pass muster when trying to play the Americana card, how could they? Without generations of heritage being absorbed at a genetic level there is always going to be something missing but what is created is something else, something new, something unique. When it is done badly it sounds like a clichéd turn on the Working Men’s Club circuit, when it is done well it sounds like Sunset Service.

It has an alt-country template but it is also far more interesting than that, what you hear is the result of these guys tipping their hats to a certain pack of country outsiders and legends of the outlaw scene but what you feel is something far more rooted in the cold southern clays of this country. The result is the same blend of New World dreams and Old World charm that the likes of Nikki Sudden found in his guitar or that a whole generation of sleazy rockers discovered after they had turned their effects pedals off. Part East Nashville country bar, part West London alternative venue, it’s great… all we have to do know is find a better name for this sort of thing.


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