Seeds Riddim – Murder He Wrote (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

527286_336705303058191_1621035353_nIt’s safe to say that Murder He Wrote knows his way around the dance music industry, from working with myriad game changing labels, including releasing his debut EP on the legendary Skint Records, remixes for Stanton Warriors and more recently finding a home with Roska Kicks and Snares. And it is only natural that this ability to navigate the more interesting and better-respected waters of club culture and the dance world at large has resulted in a fresh and unique sound when it comes to his output.

Seeds Riddim is all about textures, layers of different influences having their moment in the spot light to be subsumed back into the beat for another to immediately take its place. Chiming Afrobeat and the ghosts of Calypso past are threaded through ultra modern, affected bass pulses whilst soulful groves are pinned down with broken staccato beats. It is the sound of the club and the beach, the past and the present, the groove and the grind, of futuristic funk and an evolution of music stripped back to its essentials. And if it is impressive to see where Murder He Wrote has been, where he is going is a much more exciting prospect.

Music submitted by Project Funky


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