Wash My World  –  Anton Wick feat Jayd – (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

22008183_173522923195326_6269876519699075310_nDance music with a social conscience, you don’t stumble across that every day! If  most of the competition in the world of electronic music often seems more interested in shallower concerns, ones based on a quick, sugar-coated dance floor fix, about fighting to be the coolest operator, the most popular or the most fashionable, thankfully Anton Wick comes from a deeper, more considered place. That isn’t to say that he isn’t cool, popular or fashionable, he is certainly all of that but those considerations obviously seem secondary to making music which has something important to say, that delivers a message above and beyond the music, which has lyrical depth.

Of course the track is brilliantly built on smooth R&B grooves fashioned out of vibrant electronica, sassy, almost tribal rhythms and trippy, hypnotic beats,  we would expect nothing less but the importance of the song comes from the fact that it also delivers a poignant universal message. But the fact that it smuggles this environmental message into the hottest dance floor sound is the perfect way to communicate with  people without ever sounding like you are preaching to the audience. And what better way to teach people, or at least put a suggestion in their mind, than do so without them realising you are even doing so.

Slick synths fashion myriad infectious sounds, fantastic hooks defy anyone within earshot to be able to stand still and wonderfully intricate musical motifs such as skittering beats, distant brass and flamenco guitar lines add musical depth and intriguing design to the song. Most dance tracks would be happy with that but this is music with a social conscience, music which cares about the world around us and so instead of  the usual throw away lyrics that the dance floor usually echoes with, Wash My World almost single handedly beckons in a new era, one of intelligent musical design and altruistic pop music. Maybe the world is in safer hands than we realise.



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