Ghosts –  Slow Decay (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a0070434563_16There was a time when goth was the hybrid toddler of punk and what would soon coalesce into the New Romantic movement. There was a much later time when goth had been subsumed into heavy metal as some sort of strange William Gibson themed cyper-punk cosplay. Between those points, it could be argued, goth had its day in the sun, well, okay not the sun, more likely the looming shadows cast by a full moon but you know what I mean, and this is the period that Slow Decay reference so well on their three track e.p. Ghosts.

It brims with just enough rock posture, dark menace and soaring vocals, sails very close to the black waters that were home to the likes of Ghost Dance before they cheered up and pop-rocked off in a different direction and wonderfully reminds us of those early eighties heydays and suggests that maybe it is time to set the record straight, reclaim the musical high ground from the chancers, self-aggrandising, unholier than thou neo-pagans and Buffy fans, and start a gothic revival.

Sabina’s vocal sits in a post-punk sweet spot, not as harsh or as Teutonic as Siouxsie but not quite as honeyed, hippied or sensual as Julianne Regan, just the right amount of chill for such shaded music and the guitars weave atmospheric, cool and chiming patterns to tribal back beats and pulsing basslines. Three tracks which capture all the theatrics and overstated eloquence, power and poise of those heady days of yore. Time to start practicing picking curious fruit and brush up on my imaginary rope climbing skills perhaps!


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