Falling Over –  Sarah Morris (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Part_22Having built a steady momentum and a loyal following via two critically and commercially well received albums, 2015’s Ordinary Things spending 6 months on rotation on the Americana radio charts, Sarah Morris would have to do something pretty drastic for them to turn against her. On the strength of Falling Over, her latest release, Hearts In Need of Repair, offers no such awkward gear change, merely a gentle progression of an already well rounded, worldly and very distinguished sound. If it ain’t broke…

Falling Over sits in just the sort of folk meets country territory which she revels in, a mid paced, lilting song built along simple lines, fine touches of guitar adding delicate detail, but retaining a wonderfully spacious and understated feel that allows her voice to take centre stage. And what a voice it is, never showy or seeking the limelight, just impressive within the requirements of the song and that in itself, in this day and age, is a rare thing. It is that restraint, coupled with the room to breathe that the songwriting affords her that makes her shine so brightly.

Yet again Sarah Morris proves an example of loveliness over cool, apparent effortlessness over forced gimmickry and subtle musical textures over sonic weight. If only more people would adopt such an approach.


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