Bad Faith/Good Faith  –  Gavin Chappell – Bates (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Bad-Faith-Good-Faith-960x960Gavin Chappell-Bates is back doing what he does best, cutting through the fashionista  style over substance approach and just getting on with delivering a decent groovy, dance fuelled pop-rock song. Somehow as he careers around the subsection of the Venn Diagram he has created for himself, this bubble which exists where pop, folk and rock music meet he seems to know instinctively just what to fashion a song from so that it is lithe and clean-limbed, unburdened by gimmick and glitter.

Bad Faith/Good Faith is a perfect example of his musical artisanship blending pop addictions to rock muscle but this time employing just enough dance floor sass and swagger to keep things fresh. But if his music is straight to the point, supple and subtle, the lyrics are less so, taking a leaf out of Jean Paul Sartre’s mindful musings but still managing to make the whole thing sound as infectious as hell.

This second single from his current album, The Last One,  is both a typical slice of GCB goodness and a slight step in a new direction, proving once more that he is the master of the straight to the point song no matter what generic ingredients he choses to throw into the pot. Nice!

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