Dirty Dollars Reloaded, ft. Breeze,Yeaux Majesty, Noah Archangel & J Hope – Houey Freeman (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

image1 (1)Southern hip-hop collective Band of The Hawk is back with a new slice of their unique blend of urban cool. Dirty Dollars Reloaded displays their usual confident and complex raps, crossing vocalist one minute, harmonising the next, a mix of smoothness and dexterous tangents all set to chilled, hypnotic grooves, a trippy-trap percussive vibe and meandering synth washes. The biggest problem facing them is not that their music isn’t great, it is, but rather that so many artists are absorbing the sound of collectives like them and creating a scene of copycats. When so many artists are fighting for the same territory, it is easy to forget who claimed it first.

As a calling card for Houey Freeman’s forthcoming LP Godbody Jones it is a teasing and tantalising proposition, a window into a world where old school swagger collides with modern sophistication and a worthy addition to the Band of The Hawk related music stall. I just hope that with so many artists wilful plundering the sounds and styles, ideals and imaginations of fellow creatives and unique innovators, that Band of The Hawk and all of its associates get their musical day in the sun before some cynical wannabe with more label funds and less ethics gets there first.

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