Scene and Heard – CCXXXVII : There’s Nothing Like You –  Peter Kernel (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

21557936_10154756909646105_7744704711526588948_nThis is crazy! But crazy can be good right? So where to begin? Well, on paper the band is easier to describe than the music so lets start there. A Swiss-Canadian duo who came together through the usual boy meets girl, boy detests girl, and vice versa, boy discovers girl’s experimental film installations, girl discovers boys music, they fall in love scenario. And if that seems odd just wait until you hear the music.

Post-pop meets art-indie meets God knows what… it is a strange trip of musical madness, not so much hopping genres but just refusing to acknowledge them in the first place, it is angular, tangental, staccato, wanders between the musically dense and the spacious and makes the listener looking to find a better word than eclectic to sum up its scope.

It’s as mad as a bucket of frogs but I can’t stop playing it…I want to, but I can’t!


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