Wavelength –  Phillip Broussard (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

WavelengthPhilip Broussard channels a lot of classic singer-songwriter vibes. Whilst it is easy to draw comparison with current board-treading artists such as Shawn Mendes and John Mayer, the most interesting parallels are found as the echoes of Cat Stevens at his most chilled or John Martyn on a particularly focus moment. The music is humble, humbling and heartwarming, woven from deep and honest emotion and delivered in such as way that whilst the guitar work is obviously more than competent it is the impact of the words, the lyrical message which stands proud.

It is very easy to work in such musical territory and get things very wrong, to over sell the message, err on the side of the syrupy sentiment, the mawkish or the melancholic. Broussard is too smart for that, or maybe just too honest, overt earnestness is avoided and songs like Best Friend come across as a heartfelt message, one based in real emotions rather than over thought, sales based sentiment. Drowning is a wonderful blend of darker thoughts and some adept and deft guitar work and In My Chords ends the e.p. on a wonderfully upbeat and loved up moment.

In a world filled with the bombast and obvious commerciality of the all too often shallow music industry, Broussard reminds us that there are other ways of operating. Better a song which touches people through its honesty and warmth than the throw away, day-glo, production line pop that the mainstream seems hung up on. Most people stumble across such songs only now and again, Broussard has delivered a release where all four songs tick just such boxes.


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