Scene and Heard – CCXXXVIII : The Tug of the Moon  – Sarah McQuaid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

2-SarahMcQuaid2012-2-e1470637983446Of course the big news this New Year was the leap-second adjustment which was added into the calendar to keep things on track. Okay, it might not be a big deal but it inspired Sarah McQuaid to write this wonderful song about the often unseen passing of time and life in general. Sarah has wandered between traditional sounds and more contemporary music with ease over the course of her four previous albums and The Tug of The Moon finds her with one foot in each camp, a melancholic and haunting delivery, sounding like a piece from a long lost folk archive, but delivered in the most modern of ways.

And time, as well as mortality, is a theme which dominates the forthcoming album, the wonderfully named If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous, as are a number of current political hot topics but rather than a fired up reaction to the issues, the music follows her maxim that “Sometimes the way to fix a problem is to turn the pressure off” something that more of us should take to heart in these heated times.

The Tug of The Moon is Mc Quaid at her most brilliant, saying so much with space and atmosphere, letting the pauses between the words and the gaps between the notes become as an affective weapon, but more than anything else, no matter how deft the writing, how finely wrought the playing, it is her majestic yet understated voice that steals the scene.


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