3 Candles x Biggest Christmas = Bull’s Asshole – Lil Hemwoid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

155659046Damn! Where even to start? I’ve spent years tweaking the most insightful comments out of the strangest music, making sense of warped artistic thought processes, from dream pop to electro-clash punk, folk odysseys to progressive meanderings. Even within the cutting edge of forward thinking hip-hip and cosmic rap, I manage to pull out meaning and reason. I have to say that this strange track has left me struggling for words.

Its hip-hop, of sorts, a slow progressive, dark and ambient hip-hop which skitters it a trap-rap sort of way rather than grooves like the old school style. It threads in strange percussion and weird electro samples, the music is the easy part of the equation. Lyrically…..

It’s satire right? But a satire of what I haven’t yet worked out. It seems to switch its lyrical focus at will and at times even seems to be two or three songs bolted together…or just some sort of studio jam and drug fuelled rap stream of consciousness. Is it about consumerism? Patriotism? Celebrity? The Music Industry? I don’t know, I really don’t know.  Sometimes music is more than entertainment, sometimes it is meant to confuse, intrigue and subvert the listeners expectations. Maybe it is just playing with us, a joke that we are not in on. 3 Candles is all that and more, whatever you are expecting to hear you won’t be ready for this…but you will play it again…and again….and again! Weird!





    • No idea who has behind it, came to me anonymously for a review, couldn’t find any artist page or on line presence for “Lil Hemwoid” so no idea who is actually behind it. It was just too weird to ignore so I reviewed it.

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