Scene and Heard – CCXXXXII : Babylon is Fallen –  Song of Love (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

22554928_1562511940504574_4448267353892692753_n.jpgSong of Love make no bones about their mission to re-instate metal to its rightful place in a increasingly “bland and fake” musical world. So I guess that it is logical that their response to the three minute, throw away, day-glo pop song that rules the roost should be a meandering and technical metal instrumental weighing in at over six and half minutes. I’m to sure that Babylon is Fallen is going to blow away the corporate pop fat cats on its own but it is an interesting reaction none the less.

Throughout its wandering dynamics it broods, blasts and bruises, hits crescendos and drops into understated territory, you hear echos of Sabbaths low end groove and turn of the century technical nu-metal sonic frippery, it covers a lot of ground for sure. But it isn’t all a nostalgia trip, it may juggle the same building blocks as bands which of gone before, what makes metal sound the way it does isn’t going to change, but the fact that the band is brave enough to assemble those signature songs to make a long and progressive musical structure, one fixed by industrial grit, dark textures and visceral power certainly stands them apart from the pack.


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  1. […] Song of Love are a Paris based band blending old school metal with newer, more progressive forms. They popped up on our radar recently and we fell for their enthusiasm for their mission, which they see as a need to redress the balance which has favoured more commercial and bland options taking the limelight away from their preferred music. We caught up with them for a quick chat to learn more about the band, their music and what the future holds for them. […]

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