Home –  Thekayetan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

WebpnetresizeimageThe last time Thekayetan crossed the review desk it was with the chilled alt-dance of Ego, a song that mixed space with sharp edges but ran with a wonderfully understated mindset. And if that was the early hours wind down song from whatever underground clubland circuit this duo are part of, then Home is the song that was playing a few hours earlier. Still built around their trademark use of space, this is a more vibrant delivery, one formed of infectious highs and sultry breakdowns, futuristic electronica and addictive grooves.

It is textured and carefully ordered rather than sonically cluttered, which it could have easily become in the hands of a lesser arranger, layered rather than full, musically poignant rather than sonically powerful. And it is in this less is more ethos, the song’s ability to weave all these myriad musical points into one classic and cohesive design that is its charm. Musical understatement is not just about the absence of sonic mass, it is designing just the right structure with what remains and Thekayetan seems to be a band on top of their game in this regard.


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