Song of Love – A band on a metal mission!

23668831_1591011920987909_80311552838917893_o.jpgSong of Love  is a Paris based band blending old school metal with newer, more progressive forms. They popped up on our radar recently and we fell for their enthusiasm for their mission, which they see as a need to redress the balance which has favoured more commercial and bland options taking the limelight away from their preferred music. We caught up with them for a quick chat to learn more about the band, their music and what the future holds for them.

Q1: Let’s start with a bit of background for the band, how did the band come together and what where you doing musically before Song of Love? 

We were listening to music but were finding less and less new music which really did it for us, the  music industry has become so lame that the world needs a band that plays real music again,  a band that really makes people feel sexy and orgasmic and a band that can actually play real music with real instruments.

Q2: Song of Love seems to be on a mission to restore metal to its rightful place, what do you think of the current music scene and what are you going to bring to it to change things? 

It is very bad at the moment,  you are right most bands today are very bland and uninspiring and they all seem to sound the same after a while. We think that if you offer people an alternative, something which sounds good, they will buy it, instead of music which is more about the technology than the skills and imagination of real musicians.

We feel that the world needs more bands like Song of Love, bands that are inspired and imaginative, that seek to bring originality to the world and from whom people can learn something. The metal scene has real bands, but as those established bands get older, they seem to have less to say that is relevant to people our age. And once you get outside the rock and metal genres it gets even worse, the music feels like the equivalent of pure dried dung on a summer day when rain just started falling!

Q3: Musically you seem very non-conformist – long songs, almost progressive structures, you are definitely not following the rules, is this a conscious decision or is this just what happens when you get together and play? 

I grew up on Iron Maiden, songs like  Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, a long and ever changing musical dynamic and  Bruce Dickinson says it is his favourite song to play live. We are just taking a page out of that book.

I think the best time people have when listening to music when you are presented with all those amazing vibes and tempo changes which we are always trying to make sure is at the core of what Song of Love does. That can create strong, deep emotions that really makes us leave the daily drudgery of life behind into a take us to a better more beautiful world of love, sex and happiness. But we are also going to have more catchy songs, maybe more like three minute musical onslaughts, the sort of thing that you can sing along in a car when taking your clothes off

Q4: And what are the plans for Song of Love, studio recordings, gigs, tours, tell us what the future holds.

We are building up enough material so that we can go out and tour the world, playing music which will help people feel real metal deep down in their pants again! We are seeking guitar player, to help expand the sound. We want the world to be released from the hypnotic spell of the media that seems to have control of everyone and replace this style over substance phase with a return to people listening to real music again,  like it was in the 80’s with a host of talented people playing real music again. That’s not much to ask, is it?


Find out more about the band HERE


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