Scene and Heard – CCLVII  : Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep –  StrangeJuice (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a3685464221_16The fact that the man at the heart of StrangeJuice has earned himself the title of “The Picasso of the Australian independent music industry” actually makes a lot of sense after listening to and indeed watching the video for the brilliantly titled Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep. His musical paints are a blend of instruments from the expected to the unusual, his visuals are challenging and odd and his lyrics are deep, strange and thought provoking. I love this guy already! Isn’t this approach the whole point of doing anything creative in the first place. Why  follow what has gone before when you can call the tune? Why do what people think they want when you can subvert their expectations? Why be predictable when you can build beguiling new worlds?

If you had to nail the music down you could go for indie, pop or folk and any combination of those that you care to make up, it throws in a bit of cosmic strangeness and is a great tune. But Fishing Line is a three pronged attack…a cool song is just the start, throw in some deep and possibly ambiguous lyrics and a video which sets up a whole different tangent to the meanings and you have a package of creativity of the highest order.

It is worth noting that the song is taken from an album called Arctic Tundra, a suite of songs which seem to be based around the places and peoples, hardship and happiness, ice and intrigue to be found in those northern climes. Lyrically Fishing Line…is about exactly what the title suggests, with a bit of existential thought, star gazing wonderment and pondering on the hidden depths below thrown in for good measure.

But then the video makes us wonder how much of that is analogy and how much is to be taken at face value. Scary clowns wandering the forgotten roads and abandoned places of their former lives, seems to be at odds with the lyrics and the juxtaposition between the face value and the hidden meaning is what is going to keep you awake at night trying to make the connection.

And that is the brilliant think about Fishing Line 1000 Miles Deep and StrangeJuice in generally. The ability to wrap ideas inside other thoughts, to offer enigmatic oddities instead of giving people what they want, to explore numerous ideas simultaneously, to have music, words and visuals colliding, blending and then heading off down their own agendas again. Isn’t that what it should be about? Do you want the world explained to you or are you more intrigued by its mystery? Is contentment always better than mild confusion? Why have answers when you don’t really know what the question is? Please put your enquiries on a post card and address it them StrangeJuice!


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