Drowning  – Echoglass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

maxresdefaultMusic can make big, bold statements, make obvious moves and play predictable cards but it is at its finest, in my opinion at least, when it is employing subtler and more supple techniques to engage the listener. That, is exactly what Echoglass do with Drowning. It runs between pop balladry and more muscular indie lines but its impact is rarely found in the weight of the music, instead it uses moody and haunting harmonies, evocative and unexpected shifts in the chord progressions and the slow laying on of musical texture .

By the end of the song you find yourself in a pacy piece of polished pop, but the shifting of musical gears is so smoothly done that you never noticed the acceleration, never felt the gradual application of pressure to the musical throttle.  Add to that a video which underlines the emotions, the breakdowns of relationships, the stuff of love and loss that we all encounter at times in our life and you have a brilliant indie-pop coupling of music, lyrics and visual narratives



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