Scene and Heard – CCLIX : Knowledge –  Dynamos (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

KNOWLEDGE_Cover940x530Last time out, Dynamos proved themselves to be a fantastic fusion of old school, low-slung rock and roll groove and clean limbed, tight pop delivery, and latest single, Knowledge, does nothing but reinforces the fact. We live in a nostalgic age so this repackaging, rebranding, reinvention of classic R&B (as in blues driven rock and roll, not the pop diva nonsense which has since stolen the term) is perfect for the modern audience.

It plays as much to a retro, rootys, rock and roll past as it does to the modern post-genre world, a world where it is okay for kids to boogie away to such slinky pop-rock grooves, whilst wearing a Daft Punk T-shirt and clutching a Bob Dylan vinyl. Some might call that a lack of musical identity, I call it refreshing broad mindedness. And Dynamos fit right in to this non-tribal world, plying sleazy rock licks and soulful vibes, funky grooves and pop infectiousness but looking to the future whilst tipping their jaunty fedoras to the past.  How could you not love them?


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