Not The Same –  See This Through (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

404_1706825362899757_306275380287607401_nI have to confess that I have fallen a bit out of love with heavy rock of late, well, for quite a while now. It seems to have become a place that has lost its way, in my mind at least. Screamo bands who value weight over melody, byzantine metallers so caught up in their own earnestness, alt- bands who are not much of an alternative to anything and the encroachment of indie fluffs who think that if they dress a certain way people won’t see them as the bandwagoners they actually are. Where are the bands who understand how to write a tune yet don’t compromise on the delivery, who weave dark undercurrents without getting sucked into childish cliche? Bands who remember the clever play off between accessibility and outsiderness, commerciality and cultishness, that lies at rocks core.

Well, just hold your horses for one moment, here’s one right now. See This Through is just the sort of band to put a jaded, disillusioned rocker like me back on track with their deft blend of menace and melody, grit and groove. Not The Same is a well over due, not-so-short, sharp shock to the system but delivering its first punch in the time it takes many fellow alt-rock bands to get their fringe looking just right. It plays with dark imagery but never revels in despair, happier to use emotive words to draw vague lyrical scenarios then let the listener draw the conclusions. Big sounds, big ideas and destined to be a big deal. Why can’t all rock bands get the job done this effectively?


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