Heart Thumping Like –  Porcelain People (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Porcelain_People__Heart_Thumping_LikePop music gets a rough deal these days, mainly because there seem to be too many rules to follow regarding what pop is allowed to be and should be about. This means it either falls into the commercial, production line sound, or wanders too far outside the accepted parameters for modern popular consumption. Porcelain People are clever enough to know that there is a third way, one that ticks all the boxes of accessibility and infectiousness but also offers something away from the normal chart sound and Heart Thumping Like sits wonderfully between pop and a hard place.

It takes liberal helpings of chilled 70’s end of the night disco vibes, 80’s electro, slick 90’s dance grooves and modern innovations. It manages to revel in the past and look to the future, it is light and immediately loveable, blends funky guitars with techno beats, washes synths behind vibrant vocals, is joyous, euphoric and life affirming. And they do all of that in three and a half minutes!


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