Witch Hunt – Roberto Cavallo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

hqdefaultThe artist himself describes his music as sad and epic, and to be fair, those are exactly the right words. His brand of orchestral music is build on dark swathes of classical grandeur, a bristling nervous edge which occasional spills over into outright terror and wonderful dynamic highs and lows. It broods and bristles, shudders and sighs…a manic church organ painting chaos one moment, a plaintive piano or gently sweeping strings tugging at your emotions the next.

Without the limitation of words, the music paints pictures and suggests scenes and scenarios that are limited only by the listener’s imagination, irrespective of the composer’s intentions, you are the interpreter here, this is your dream. Its very nature has your mind writing the film it should accompany, a film of high drama and unrequited love, of loss and longing, of dark intent and the colliding of worlds. When was the last time a pop song gave you that?

Find out more about Roberto Cavallo here



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