Soundhaus –  Mickey 9s (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

mickey-9s.jpgAt a point where rock muscle, funky bass lines, jagged electro-pop and European club anthems collide you will find Mickey 9s, a bunch of musical miscreants who have just released their latest album Galactico Radio. They seem to be on a mission to subvert all musical genres into one riotous sound, to recreate the rave scene via live band shows and who feel like they sit somewhere between musical rule breakers and some sort of sonic cult.

Normally the job of a reviewer is to try and dissect a record and explain to the potential buyer what is going on under the hood of that particular musical vehicle. With this bunch of Glaswegian generic gene splicers it would be quicker to tell you what isn’t in there.

Like some sort of big, brash, souped-up street racer, Mickey 9s burn through mutant garage rock, glam stomps, euro-disco, pulsing new wave electro, punk-blues guitars, CBGB’s era street bands,  re-engineered, industrial pop and re-animated funk grooves. And like those over-engineered beasts of this analogy, in just a few minutes they have blown themselves out in blast of flames and smoke leaving just some tire marks on the road, the acrid smell of burning oil and an odd feeling that you need a lie down and possibly a shower. What a way to go….


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