Amiga Uy –  A.M.I.G.A. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a3272201515_16A.M.I.G.A is an interesting prospect. They may wield synths and make electronic music, mainly aimed at a dance audience but it seems to come from a very different place than most people working in that territory. Maybe I’m just not that well-versed in the underground and the fringes of the club scene, maybe they just do things differently in Montevideo, maybe A.M.I.G.A just think at tangents to everyone else! What ever the reason Amiga Uy is a strange little collection of music which seems to lean heavily on 90’s club and rave culture whilst racing into the future laying out new electronic dance pathways and firing off salvos of sonic art attacks as they go.

Follow Me is a chirpy, minimal dance groove, linguistically fluid and mixing hazy harmonies with clipped techno deliveries and Cybercafe sounds like ABBA re-inventing disco by rewiring broken keyboards and employing folk guitar jams. Verano 2020 is full on rave, hypnotic, glitchy and euphoric and Latinchat is a strange piece of dystopian dance.

I don’t really know what to make of A.M.I.G.A….I’m pretty sure I like it, I’ve played it half a dozen times now so I must do, but it confuses me…but that’s a good thing…right?


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