I Second That Amendment Blues –  Elliot Schneider (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Elliot_Schneider_I_Second_That_Amendment_Blues-1We know that Elliot Schneider is great with a wacky and witty turn of phrase, anyone titling their album Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basketcase? really is someone you should listen carefully to. But whilst he is brilliant at offering something lyrically surreal, this poignant and perfectly timed release shows that he is also master at making some very valid and thought provoking points. Obviously the issues and political discourse which surrounds America’s re-examination of gun control in the wake of recent tragedy are hot topics at the moment and revealing the deep rooted nature of that country’s relationship with guns, rights and even its own perceived identity. And that is the subject being tackled here, though you got that from the title I guess.

It would be easy to pen a tune about it that is either overly earnest on the one hand or too flippant on the other. What Schneider proves to be the adept at is looking at the situation and undermining it through examining the absurdity of it all, yet remaining respectful to the overall topic. The fact that he does this to gloriously driven, slightly psyched out pop-rock is just the icing on the cake. Sometimes when the people in suits, driven by career and cash can’t or won’t make the world a better place, it comes down to the less expected members of society to make the difference. A wave of motivated kids are currently putting the politicians to shame and Elliot Schneider has just provided them with the perfect sound track.

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