Scene and Heard – CCLXIX : Don’t Give A Fuck – G. Killan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

maxresdefaultWhilst the title might suggest a bunch of young punks with nothing new to say, the sentiment has taken on a whole new angle in the internet age. Rather than being just a mindless generation punk anthem, a slogan or a piece of empty rhetoric, it is now has something more to say. In this internet age where the art of trolling, that is the art of twisting and subverting on-line conversations to draw a reaction out of someone, has become weaponised language, the art of turning the other cheek, or not rising to the occasion, is a discipline in itself.

But G.Killan hasn’t got time for that and in the words of the song title..he  don’t give a fuck! And although the song drives on punked up vibes, it blends in alt-rock and, surprisingly, a dexterous and contrasting slice of smooth jazz amongst its shout from the rooftops cry of belligerence and controlled frustration.

There could also be another answer I guess, maybe he has just got to that age where you don’t really care anymore. I know how he feels!


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