Headlights –  LegoHeads (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

LegoHeads_coverPop is a broad term. It’s probably an unnecessary one too. But for every throwaway, mainstream rehash of the genres’s golden age, you stumble across something a lot more clever. Headlights falls very squarely into the latter category. Yes, it’s clearly pop, but it is pop that makes the argument that the genre can be as deft and creative, slick, sassy and forward-thinking as any other genre and here LegoHeads weave synth-pop and modern dance vibes through some classic pop tune structures.

It ticks a lot of boxes, it pulses with a slightly understated but effective uptown funkiness, it chirps and chimes with electronic dance moves, it is both balladic and widescreen yet groovesome and compact. It will turn the heads of dance punters, grab the teen dollar and also soothe the ears of more discerning underground pop pickers. Creating great, forward thinking,  modern, original pop is a task in itself, to do so in such a way that it seems to keep every corner of the wide and diverse market happy simultaneously is something else. LegoHeads or more correctly the man behind  the moniker, Landon Trimble, is clearly a clever songwriter, but I think that he may also be a wizard.


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