Scene and Heard – CCLXXII :  Dimension –  GoldenB (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

18882195_1353382098049199_4827997465603745124_nAmbient hip-hop? Cosmic rap? Space-groove? Sure, I’m just making things up now but truly original music requires you to do that and Dimension comes from a truly original place. Okay, you can pick at the sonic weaves and find urban threads, trippy electronica, ambient vibes and late night haze but as always it is how these are put together that counts and GoldenB has found a new angle on blending all of these disparate sounds.

So GoldenB may prove to be the master of deconstruction but the main thing that he uses to piece his musical building blocks back together, the musical glue if you like is space. It is the atmosphere, the gap between the beat, the things which aren’t played and the pause between the lyrics which make it all so effective. Many musicians believe the most effective form of communication is to get up front and in the listeners face… or at least in their ears but GoldenB’s Dimension shows that less is most definitely more and that absorbing music by some sort of creative osmosis is equally…no, make that much more, effective.



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