Keep Your Head Up  –  Skorpioh (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

51bKmKheqcL._SS500If the likes of Drake and Kanye West represent a current point on a musical timeline that started with the hip-hop experimentation in the South Bronx of the early 70’s, then Skorpioh sits at a similar point with respect to the ska, rocksteady and reggae music which emanated out into the world from the Caribbean in the 60’s. It is dance music infused with reggae vibes, the musical trappings it wraps itself in may be a long way from the dancehall, ska and later reggae bands who fuelled that scene but its heart certainly pulses with the same vibe.

It builds its contemporary sound by gathering a number of genres around it, there is a gentle rootstronic vibe running through but it also oozes with pop accessibility and clubland sass, making it a perfect dance floor break from the more tried and tested sounds that less imaginative DJ’s will be spinning. It is the sound of modern music acknowledging its roots and in doing so creating the sound that will take us into the future.

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