Bobby’s Blues –  Brother Jon Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

268x0wThe groove never goes out of fashion, Bobby’s Blues is proof of that. Built on one of those timeless blues rock rhythms, one that slinks rather than drives, that swaggers rather than rushes, this is a song which could have existed any time from the electrification of the guitar onwards, one which mixes just the right amount of modern polish, raw edged attitude and the timeless majesty of a musical style which pretty much laid the foundation for western music.

Subtle back beats and fluid bass lines root the song down allowing the guitar to just underline and accentuate, shade and soften the middle ground and, when the anticipation has built up to just the right level unleash a white hot lead line right through the centre of the whole affair. It is this ability to underplay things until the moments is right that is the real charm of Bobby’s Blues, you can tell that there is some serious musicianship at work here, but they are knowledgable enough to know that just because you can fill the space in the song with musical miracles and wonderment, you don’t necessarily have to.

Less is more, know which notes not to play, if it aint broke etc etc…other cliches available upon request.



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