Watch It Fall –  Joseph Eid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Joseph_Eid__Watch_It_Fall_SINGLE_CD_COVER_ARTWORKYou can help but hear the spirit of Bob Dylan floating around in the back ground of Watch It Fall. Not so much I the sound of the song and certainly not in the vocals but there is something in the story-telling, the real-world narrative and the simple yet effective direction of travel. Not that he owned the genre, many great songwriters existed before him and many have happened since, but he typified a style and it resonates through this song to a degree.

Many song-writers would be happy with that but thankfully Joseph Eid is his own man and by the time he has threaded some country guitars and added some clever harmony vocal arrangements he has moved away from the realm of plagiarism or plunder and merely tips his cap to a certain style whilst stamping his own mark on the genre. It is proof that whilst many would argue that there is nothing new to be done to the guy with a guitar, folk style, Eid instead just cuts the genre back to its bare essentials, spends his time crafting the song rather than disguising and decorating it and whilst certainly not reinventing the wheel proves that that particular wheel does indeed have many more miles left in it.

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