Pow! – Big Toast and Jack Diggs (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Jack-Diggs-Big-Toast-Call-It-On-AlbumAny track that is topped and tailed with the strains of Withnail and I wins my respect irrespective of what they do to fill the space between those soundbites. For these are clearly people of taste and didn’t a wise man once say that there are two sorts of people in this world, those who know it to be the greatest, not to mention most quotable, film of all time and those who have yet to see it. No, well they should have.

Although pursuing their own, separate careers, Big Toast and Jack Diggs have been collaborating on various projects for over a decade and now present Call It On, the full length album which is home to this track. There is something of the Sleaford Mods vibe but only because like them they have re-worked old-school, gritty UK hip-hop sounds, samples garnered from crate digging, studio deftness and an ear for the cool, clock themselves in the same urban anti-fashion and deliver a brutal scatter gun salvo of lyrics and poetic flows.

I guess I make the reference mainly because the aforementioned Nottingham agitators are the best known of the genre but turn a few stones, look down a few dark alleyways, find a few underground clubs and invite only parties and you will find acts like this and a whole wealth of talent that are ready to give them a run for their money.


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