Kapil Srivastava captures India in music

Kapil_Srivastava_Amazing_India_Guitar_Journey_Guitarist_Guitarmonk_Gmtunetime_MusicI once heard a folk tale that every place on the map has its own voice and tale to tell. Not just natural features such as rivers and trees, rocks and mountains but even man made structures and the more ancient they are the more they have to tell. It is for this reason bards and storytellers would travel from place to place listening to the song of the land, learning its message and then use it to inform and entertain. India’s top guitarist Kapil Srivastava seems to be on just such a mission. The founder of India’s largest chain of Guitar Schools, Guitarmonk is the man behind Amazing India, a heritage site guitar journey, connecting the countries unique places and heritage sites and composing a piece of music for each.

Musically he is creating a series of wonderfully unique Ragas on Guitar that are inspired by and reflect the majesty, history and diversity of the country capturing its individual colours and flavours in sonic form. Kapil is also filming this audio and video adventure, a feat which when complete will gain an entry into the Guiness Book of Records.

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